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Who Lit The Moon?

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Who Lit The Moon? is an interactive fairy tale for kids aged 4-10. It has an educational purpose with a range of puzzles and mini-games that can help children of all ages to develop their imagination and knowledge in different areas.  "Who Lit The Moon?" is the question that a little girl asks its grandmother one night. And the answer comes in the form of fairy tale from the wonderland called This-and-That. It is a land full of dreams and magical creatures. It is a marvelous, imaginary realm, that will reveal its secrets to all curious kids out there. GAME FEATURES- Fully interactive fairy tale- Educational puzzles, riddles, and mini-games- Skip or replay any of the games - Trial and error can be fun – look at how the creatures reacts to your failure - Complete voice over and original soundtrack- Entertaining for both children and parents- Suitable for kids with hearing issues - Original artwork by Maya Bocheva  Want to peak behind the scenes or to know the latest news: